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i am not sure how long x and i are going to last..he's been very honest with me, and tells me a fair amount of things i like to believe...he isn't sure if he is up for a relationship...he's rather afraid of getting into something serious...he said he doesn't want to hurt me..and he feels like he can't give me the attention, physically and emotionally, that i look for that someone else could...i think we just need to take some sort of break or something...ease way back, make it extremely casual, like a one time a week thing...
i questioned him on if it was me, i wasn't trying to put myself down..but i was trying to say that maybe i'm not the right person for him, and he's feeling it..but doesn't want to admit it because he doesn't want to hurt me, or he just doesn't want to miss a potientially good oppertunity, or a horrifying experience...maybe i need to skip this one..and find someone who will "give me the attention i need" but will probably treat me like an ass